Regardless of how healthy the economy might be, growing a massage therapy practice is never an easy task. To be successful, you'll need to differentiate yourself from the nearly 400,000 other massage therapists in the United States. At Vita Wellness, we know the struggle many go through when trying to grow their own businesses. To make it a bit easier, we’ve put together the 3 things you should have before starting your journey to grow your massage business:

1.) A Mindset for Success

Ultimately, your brain is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal when it comes to achieving long-term business success. Combating that “monkey mind” will be imperative to your success. Getting stuck in a negative outlook happens to the best of us and, if we stay here for too long, it will make it impossible to reach your professional goals. Doubting your abilities and drive can through us off guard and is a surefire way to lose sight of the bigger picture hindering your ability to reach your practice's full potential.

One of the best ways to cultivate and strengthen a positive mindset is by finding a community that shares your drive, goals and values. You don't necessarily need to pore through the American Massage Therapy Association's membership listings to find like-minded peers. Of course, there are a million online groups you can participate in. Also, consider offline opportunities too. Joining your local chamber of commerce is a great way to forge connections with fellow entrepreneurs with similar business growth goals. Or, join a club of woman entrepreneurs looking to improve themselves and their businesses. Participating in organizations that are outside your immediate circle (massage and wellness) can actually put you at an advantage! Join a local yoga studio, browse groups on, or reconnect with old friends to find a community that can build you up on your journey to business success.

2.) A Strong Self-Care Routine

Real talk. It’s no fun to be jealous of your massage clients. And, it's hard to run a successful massage business if you don't take care of yourself first to maintain a sound emotional, physical, and mental health. Establishing a self-care routine can, obviously, deliver many benefits and most importantly, help you avoid burnout.

Emotional, physical and mental exercises are the main components of a fruitful self-care routine. Jogging a few miles every morning is a good way to get the blood flowing and burn calories. Taking yoga or dance classes is a great way to improve stamina while reducing stress. Or, meditating for a few minutes every morning can help you recenter yourself, and renew your focus on your goals. Investing in hobbies that aren't related to massage therapy can also help you to avoid becoming burned out over time.

3.) Access to Valuable Business Education + Coaching

Some massage therapists may assume that skill, training, and their Massage Therapist license will be enough to guarantee long-term success. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Like any business, a massage therapy practice must be carefully nurtured and expanded to earn a profit. If you don't have a strong vision and commitment, and identifiable goals, you're almost certain to fall behind the competition.

In addition, familiarity with basic business practices will also help you to run a lean, profitable massage business. Specifically, learning how to market to the right audience can make or break your promotion efforts. By learning more about who your target audience is, you can not only improve your marketing efforts but also adapt your business and services to meet their needs. Remember, for most of us, growing a successful massage practice isn't just about being a great massage therapist; it's about having a strong business mind.

The Education You Need Is Just a Mouse Click Away

At Vita Wellness, we've created online courses for massage therapists using our own experience growing a massage practice. In our courses, we'll show you how to thrive as your own boss, how to market effectively in a digital world, and how to build a practice that aligns with your values.

If you'd like to educate yourself on the fundamentals of massage therapy success, start with our free resources, guidebooks, paid courses and one-on-one coaching for massage therapists.