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Dealing With Emotional Stress - Massage Therapist

Dealing With Emotional Stress

When we fall down or bump into something, we know why our arm hurts the next day; we see the physical action cause a physical reaction, maybe it even leaves a bruise or a scratch. A decade ago car accident or sport injury, could have left us with residual pain as an adult too. However, the more years pass from being a massage therapist, the more I am convinced that our emotional wear and tear, causes physical reaction as well. Already in existence, are diagrams that show where the patterns of emotions are stored, and part of acupuncture, is addressing this as well; so in some cultures, this way of thinking is already treated as common knowledge.

I have my own personal experience with this. In 2010, I experienced the WORST pain: gallstones. I had a couple small ones. It wasn’t first time I had this intensely sharp pain in my upper abdomen, but this was by far the worst and I thought something had exploded inside my body, it was that bad. OK, so fast forward a couple days and I spoke with a holistic doctor who said if my gallstones weren't from eating fried foods (something physical) perhaps it could be from something emotional, and the emotion of, resentment, was connected to that organ.

Yes! “I’ve been poisoning myself,” that was my first thought, yes; I was resentful to several things that had occurred in the past handful of years. He suggested a couple of supplements I could take to break up the gallstones and then he helped me work through that emotion of which memories it was connected to. After three months, that was it; I haven’t had any more pain. That’s when I really started to listen to my body and to ask it to let go. That’s also when I realized that some illnesses aren’t just happening to us out of nowhere, but we are creating them. I also learned that not everyone wants to hear that they’ve created their own physical problems from their feelings.

While there are numerous physical and environmental factors that can compromise our bodies, it is important to also incorporate our emotional selves as well. I like this chart a lot (it’s composed from several resources) and if you should search for other sites, such as: 2011/02/specific-affirmations-from-louise-hay.html (you’ll find there a quite a bit of them which offer the same general information.) If you are just curious or searching for an answer for yourself, hope you might find a missing link from this! Furthermore, there are a myriad of ways to go about treating your emotions, but seeing a professional with experience is best, in my opinion. As I mentioned, I saw a holistic doctor, used positive daily affirmations, was treated with supplements, massage and also through muscle testing. Psychiatrists can help, modern Shaman, Acupuncturists and even certain Chiropractors.

I continue to keep my emotions in check, pay attention to what hurts or aches in my body and ask where is it really coming from? Not everything is emotional, but, not everything is physical either.