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Dads Need Massages Too!

I know, I know - you’ve already got so much to take care of. Between work, family duties, and the unexpected things life throws at us, taking action in caring for your own self is easier said than done. But what if, you allowed someone to h elp you take care of you? Making regular visits to your massage therapist is like hiring an assistant to help you maintain your sanity and physical health, so you can keep on killin’ it in the work, family and curveball arenas. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Kicking Work Stress & Tension

Work is No matter how tough you are, or how much you enjoy the work you do, you can only do so much before you’re just plain burnt out. Good news is, the ball is in your court when it comes to maintaining this balance. If you notice yourself feeling easily irritated, impatient or lacking creativity and/or productivity, you’d probably benefit from taking some time for yourself to regroup.

Additionally, if your mind is stuck on projects, meetings and deadlines at day’s end, you’re hardly checked out of work even though you’ve clocked out. Taking all of that stress home with you leaves little room to “show up”, where the fam is looking forward to having your company and attention!

When you’re feeling the overwhelm, a massage is an awesome go-to for emptying your brain of stress and relieving your body of tension so you can get your groove back in the work scene. With a fresh slate, you’re likely to experience gains in productivity/creativity, improved relationships with your team and, when you’re able to leave work at work, an improved home-life!

2. Maintaining Personal/Home-life Sanity

When the work day is done, you’re probably headed home to your second job... Keeping up with your significant other, your kids and trying to keep your family balanced is work. It’s certainly not easy, and it can get increasingly tough to handle when you’re on empty. Chances are, you find yourself prioritizing their needs, and tend to leave yourself hangin’. You might find yourself feeling spaced out, grouchy or short-tempered, and that’s when you’re overdo for some solo time, just for you.

You might be used to spending your you-time catching up on some television or, if you’re lucky, going out to catch up with a friend, which is great! What you really need, though, is to rest from time to time. Taking an hour or two to check out on the massage table is a good bet for maintaining your sanity, making home feel more like fun than work, and making you more fun to be around as a partner and/or dad! You’ll probably receive a heavy dose of praise if you return the favor and offer the same opportunity for your partner to take on their own time, too!

3. Upping Your Gains & Performance

If you find time to tackle the gym, play sports or partake in marathons amongst your busy work/home routine, huge props to you! You’re definitely gonna need some R&R in the mix, though. Being active is like an all-in-one for good health, having fun and taking your mind off stress, but it still requires a lot from your body.

Adding massage into this routine helps you prevent injuries that come from the repetitive motions of daily workouts or weekly sports, and muscle trauma that comes with overuse/misuse of muscles during intense training or prolonged activity. If you’re looking to increase your performance, you might consider receiving massage prior to your activity of choice. Just like a night of really good sleep, a massage allows your muscles to relax and lengthen so they’re ready for action and far less likely to suffer from exhaustion when you’re on a roll. Receiving massage afterwards helps your body to recover more quickly, again, like getting great sleep but it also keeps you from losing any actual sleep due to aches and pains that come with intense activity and muscle exhaustion. Whatever your exercise “thing” is, you can count on massage to keep your performance up and keep you at it!

So there you have it, guys. With all that you do, your brain AND your body can (and should) still feel good. When your brain feels good, you experience less stress and can offer more at work, home and play, without actually having to give more effort. When you give your body the chance to be taken care of and rest, your less focused on how tired you feel, how much pain you’re in and you get to just enjoy things more. Who wouldn’t want in on that?