Vita Wellness Massage Austin, Texas
Massage Therapy Client

Client Stories: Janna

Share a bit about yourself:

  • age: 36-55
  • occupation: Project Manager
  • do you have kids? no
  • what's the last fun thing you did? went to Puerto Rico

Describe how you feel after a Massage at Vita Wellness? relaxed & revitalized

How has Vita helped you boost your body confidence? With Vita's support, I am more committed to my self-care.

In addition to massage, what other healthy-habits do you engage in?

  • Exercise: walking, running, yoga, pilates, dancing + more
  • Cooking: I love cooking nutritious meals for myself (and family + friends)
  • Meditation: I take time to consciously connect & ground myself
  • Misc: Nature-ing, Gardening, Disc Golf, Roller Skating, Reading + more

How has feeling fit helped you have more fun? I'm choosing more active pastimes & hobbies (hiking versus tv)