Vita Wellness Massage
Massage Client Spotlight: Marvin V.

Client Spotlight: Marvin V.

Name & profession: Marvin V. and I am retired.

Please select your age bracket: 66+

Tell us about yourself in 3 sentences or less.

Came to graduate school at UT in 1968 and have lived in Austin ever since. Battled Ankylosing Spondylitis since I was in my teens. Enjoy outdoor activities, sports, music, and people(most).

Why were you initially interested in receiving massage?

Fusion in neck and spine made it impossible to stretch and exercise some muscles.

By the time you found Vita Wellness, you had received: 1-10 massages

Why did you choose Vita Wellness for massage services?

Highly recommended by another health professional.

Describe yourself (3 words) before a massage session? Describe yourself (3 words) after a massage session.

Tense, cramping muscles, uncomfortable. Relaxed, tension relieved, more flexible.

How often do you receive massage? every 2 weeks

How long have you been receiving massage from a Vita therapist?

Long time. Around 8 to 10 years, I would have to check some old appointment calendars.

In what ways has massage benefited you (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?

Big tension reliever both with my affected muscles and my spirit. My attitude and zest for life get a boost.