Vita Wellness Massage
Massage Client Heather

Client Spotlight: Heather M.

Name & profession:

Heather, Homeschool Mom :-)

Please select your age bracket: 31-45

Tell us about yourself in 3 sentences or less.

I'm a mom of three children, I homeschool, love being outside to explore nature with the kids, have an amazing, supportive husband, and enjoy sketching, hiking, yoga, reading, journaling, and quality time with my friends.

Why were you initially interested in receiving massage?

I had pretty severe back pain after I gave birth to my first baby.

By the time you found Vita Wellness, you had received: 1-10 massages

Why did you choose Vita Wellness for massage services?

Autumn is extremely knowledgeable. Anytime I've described problem areas, she is able to provide not only relief through massage, but also provides recommendations for resources that are helpful when I'm not able to have a massage (which I wish was daily!).

Describe yourself (3 words) before a massage session? Describe yourself (3 words) after a massage session.

Before: anxious, stressed, excited / After: serene, content, calm

How often do you receive massage?

About once every two-three months

How long have you been receiving massage from a Vita therapist?

Since 2010

In what ways has massage benefited you (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?

Most recently, it has been a tremendous help for some anxiety I've been dealing with. After my latest massage and talk with Autumn, I have noticed my anxiety has significantly diminished. The longer I've gone, the more I've experienced the emotional and spiritual benefits as well. I use my time on the table for prayer and meditation, letting go of anything that's causing tension in my mind or heart. It's been deeply rewarding since I discovered this deeper level of awareness that massage supports.