Vita Wellness Massage
Massage Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight:

Name & profession:

Jennifer V., Assistant Clinical Director @ SIMS Foundation

Age Bracket: 31-45

Why were you initially interested in receiving massage?

stress reduction and dedicated self-care

By the time you found Vita Wellness, you had received- I was a massage junkie

Why did you choose Vita Wellness for massage services?

I was going through some personal loss and needed to physically move it out of my body. I knew it was going to be emotional and I needed a safe place to do this. Autumn and Vita Wellness came highly recommended as the person and place to help me. I have received countless massages but I have never been loyal to a massage therapist before Autumn.

Describe yourself (3 words) before a massage session? Describe yourself (3 words) after a massage session.

Before: typically tense, typically stressed, typically anxious; After: always relaxed, calm, centered

How often do you receive massage? monthly

How long have you been receiving massage from a Vita therapist?

just about a year

In what ways has massage benefited you (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?

it has been an experience is self-care - dedicated time for me to relax and be taken care of; it has improved my body-mind consciousness / awareness