Today I'm reaching out to give voice to a looming reality- the likelihood that our massage businesses will be impacted by COVID-19.

To state the obvious, I am not an infectious disease specialist or a medical professional. My intention here is not to educate you on the virus (check the CDC and John Hopkins websites) but rather to offer support and ideas on how to continue to create a sense of safety for yourself and your clients throughout this evolving situation.Take what you want and leave the rest. I've put this note together from a place of love and service.

I am choosing love and discernment over fear and panic

And this, my friends, is no easy task. In the past week, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the reality of how COVID-19 will affect our service base businesses. It's certainly worthy of contemplation and discussion. Nonetheless, I don't feel I have some "gold nugget of wisdom" to share. In fact, I've been torn between thoughts of, "everyone is overreacting," to "let me refresh the CDC website," to, "I'm only going to listen to the news once a day". Nothing like the rapid fire of COVID-19 updates to keep me on my toes- GEESH. HOW EXHAUSTING! Where is my self-care around this!? I've had to diligently work at keeping myself grounded and centered.

And, I've consciously chosen to continue to live my life- I've flown on airplanes: I just got back to LA after a trip to Austin, TX (home); I'm still going to the gym; I'm not wearing a mask. I am still doing my life things with consciousness and heightened awareness.

I also choose to continue to massage

I am in good health, my massage space is clean and I am CONTINUING my commitment to good, sound hygiene. All of the preventative suggestions are things, as a massage professional, I abide by anyways (wash your hands: ALWAYS; stay home if your sick: ABSOLUTELY ect..)

Of course, your truth may be different. RESPECT. If you feel the need to put your practice on pause, by all means. Whatever you need to do to keep you and your family safe and healthy. To each her own.

I have already experienced, however, the concern from individuals and companies (chair massage) about receiving their regular massage services. I believe it is best to stay one step ahead and continue to be transparent about what actions are being taken to keep them safe and healthy. Answer their concerns before they have to ask.

Free for You

If this resonates with you, I've put together some graphics and templates that you can download to help keep your clients feeling safe and informed through this experience. These are all items I've used in my business in the past week. Downloads include:

  • a template you can copy and send out to your clients (via email) acknowledging the COVID-19 situation and how it impacts your massage practice
    • the template is created in a google doc so you can copy the text directly; when you click the link, you will be prompted to "make a copy"
  • (2) digital graphics to acknowledge the situation on your social media
  • ideas on best practices to acknowledge your commitment to safety on your website, social and scheduling platforms

Download Now:

Email Template

Social Media Graphic 1

Social Media Graphic 2

Best Practices