Boost Your Income with a Virtual Education Series

Yes, your work is centered around human touch and interaction and, now more than ever, diversifying your income streams can make the difference between thriving or having to close down shop. No longer can those of us in the service industry put all our eggs in one basket.

One silver lining of COVID is that online education has become the norm. It's easier than ever to create an online education series for your clients and integrate it into your practice. Sure, you may need to get a bit creative but this is a great way to supplement your income and add value to your current offerings.

A virtual series can be a great way for your clients to stay connected to you after their treatment and a great way to help them integrate any wellness recommendations into their daily life. Check out the steps below to learn how to create a virtual education series that you can offer to new and existing clients.

Big Picture

  • You will create a "healthy habit" education series by either pre-recording short videos (on your phone) or, going "live"
  • Create a private FB group to share the "healthy-habit" content
  • Invite your clients to this community to support their well-being

Get to Work

1) Choose Topics That Your Community is Interested In

Think about what topics to address in this virtual series. What healthy habits are you in conversation about with your clients? Some examples of useful topics could be:

  • How To Perform a Couples Massage
  • Self-Massage Techniques
  • How To Give the Perfect Foot Massage
  • How To Give a Head and Neck Massage
  • Massage 101 for Kids
  • Massage With Props! How To use everyday objects as tools for massage

2) Create a Private Group on FB

Setting up a private Facebook group takes a quick minute and don't forget to Add your members! (invite all your current clients)

3) Decide to Pre-Record Videos or Go Live (or both)

I recommend using a platform that allows you to easily record videos, share videos, and invite users to join.

Going LIVE on FB in your private group or Zoom are two of the easiest (and free) platforms to get started on. And don't forget to run a couple tests so you're familiar with the live-stream process.

4) Price & Payment for Group Access

Consider Square & Venmo: for starters, you could offer this first series for as a donation-based service

  • Using Square? You can easily customize and create e-invoices to send to your clients.
  • Using Venmo? You can easily receive client payments by sharing your account details with clients

5) Invite & Excite Your Clients

You already have some devoted clients. Send an email inviting them to join your community (don't forget to provide a link to your FB group). Encourage your existing customer base to invite their family and friends for a larger reach.

6) Lights, Camera, Action!

Record or go live a couple times to get the hang of it. Remember, you create the schedule. Go live or post a video once a week to keep everyone's interest.

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