Benefits of Massage for Workout Warriors, Cyclists & Runner Enthusiasts

Far too often, athletes with a love of working out, cycling, or running have to take a break when unexpected injuries take them out of the game—sometimes permanently in worst-case scenarios. Professional massage, as simple as it may sound, can prevent serious injuries and keep you in the game for the long haul.

Contrary to what some may think, massage isn’t just for relaxation Olympic athletes. Workout warriors, cyclists, and runners all experience aches, pains, sensations, and stiffness that can be alleviated with massage. Whether you’re just getting into fitness or consider yourself a well-seasoned athlete, massage can benefit your recovery, address problem areas, and prevent injury.

Do you identify as a workout warrior, cyclist, or runner? Here’s how massage can pinpoint discomfort on specific areas of the body based on your favorite type of exercise.

1.) Workout Warriors

As a workout warrior, you may already be thinking about your next workout while you’re working out! You might participate in a variety of activities such as CrossFit, weight lifting, strength and cardio training, swimming, or aerobics.

As a workout warrior, you typically receive a full-body workout, which means a host of opportunities for injury. A pulled or strained muscle is one of the most common. Massage can work as a preventative method by increasing circulation and relaxing muscles so that you begin your workout free of tension. Likewise, massage can work as a treatment method by gently increasing blood flow to existing injuries to promote faster recovery.

2.) Cyclists

If you cycle regularly, you’re engaging in one of the most heart-healthy activities possible. But despite its health benefits, cycling can lead to quite a few different pain points, with knee pain being one of the most common from overuse—and it generally worsens over time if the issue is not addressed.

Massage can alleviate existing knee pain and even prevent long-term knee damage that could require more dramatic solutions such as knee replacement surgery. A number of different massage techniques, including effleurage and myofascial release, can target the specific areas that are contributing to your knee area discomfort. With the help of massage, knee pain can be remedied so you can get back to (and keep) cycling.

3. Runners

Running is another cardiovascular activity with a host of health benefits. This high-impact activity, meaning it causes downward pressure and stress on the body—potentially leading to pain in joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Preventative massage can alleviate a common running injury- shin splints. Shin splints are actually caused by an overstraining of the muscles that attach to the shin, leading to what is sometimes an unbearable amount of discomfort. If left unaddressed, shin splints can lead to tibial stress fractures, which require a much longer recovery period. By targeting the calf muscles and surrounding tissue, massage can act as a powerful tool to prevent shin splints

Massage can serve as a solution for a temporary injury by facilitating speedy recovery, and it’s also an effective injury preventative and long-term care option that will help keep you in the game long-term. If you’re a workout warrior, cyclist, or runner interested in supplementing your fitness regimen with massage, our massage therapists in Austin can create a plan that’s customized to your body’s needs. Take advantage of our new client special to get your first massage for only $60!