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Baby Boomers and Massage

Whether you’re in the work force, chasing grand-babies around, dancing at your daughter's wedding, traveling the world or giving care to a loved one, getting a massage not only feels good but is a great staple-component in your wellness care. When we feel good and have less physical and emotional pain, it’s easier to handle day-to-day living. You may deal with a few more aches and pains than before but massage can be your number one pain-management tool. Sure, sometimes surgery or medication may be necessary, but you're no longer only limited to those choices when it comes to your health care.

Whether your considering incorporating bodywork for long term pain management or, even if bodywork is your last hope in preventative measures, at Vita, we are here to help. We now know more about the medical benefits of massage than ever before~ it is more than just a luxury, but a health necessity. Massage has been shown to decrease arthritic pain, shooting pain, headaches, swelling as a result from Diabetes, or from a decrease in lymph nodes. Massage with joint mobilization can increase your range of motion (hello golf swing!) which can decrease your chance of having to have joint replacement surgery.

The pain we experience doesn’t only derive from physical wear and tear, but also from emotional stressors such as anxiety, grief and worry. Studies have shown that this type of emotional stress can negatively effect our physical and mental health, which, in turn, can limit our activities and make us feel restless.

What type of massage is right for you? Receiving a “deep tissue" massage isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all treatment. At Vita, the session you have is tailored to what you need, be it to stay active with corrective muscle work or gentle strokes to help ease you into relaxation. Our knowledgeable therapists have extensive training and are familiar with multiple massage modalities to best suit your needs.

As much as we wish one massage can “fix” all our aches and pains, it does take a consistent course of action to feel the dynamic benefits. Whether you choose to come in once a month or once a week, making time for yourself is the first step. If you’ve taken care of everyone else, it’s time to take care of you and that’s what we are here for.