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Aug. Community Connection: Lunar Nourishment

What Makes 'Em Shine: Lunar Nourishment is a platform for self-care through ritual, community, and living authentically. Through offerings of healing energy sessions (Reiki, breath work, & meditation) and the power of ritual, Lydia and Marlena Jarjoura help women and men connect to the deepest parts of themselves. Through online courses, live workshops and private mentorship, Lunar Nourishment has guided hundreds of women towards balancing their hormones and lives.

About the Owner: Lydia Jarjoura is the creator behind Lunar Nourishment: a feminine health platform. Through workshops, monthly New Moon circles, online training courses and private mentorship, Lydia has helped hundreds of women learn more about their bodies and their menstrual cycles. Lunar Nourishment's moon cycle & self-care guidance provides women with practical solutions to living a healthier and more mindful life. Lydia is a healer, self-taught herbalist, Reiki master, yoga instructor and leads group & individual self-care sessions. She believes that through reclaiming their cycles, women everywhere can live a vibrantly healthy life!

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