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A Perfect Match: Massage & Vacation

Plan that beach get-a-way. Visit that city on your bucket-list. Go international! Make that action happen- you deserve it. And don't forget, in between that hammock-lounging, food-touring, and night life exploration, consider booking a massage at your vacation destination. For many of us, daily life is filled with long work hours, appointments, stressful deadlines, countless errands and life maintenance. Although these tasks are 'normal' in today's world, they can certainly be a drain on your mind and body. It’s imperative to unplug and relax once in a while. Taking a vacation (even a stay-cation) can provide a supportive and replenishing break from these everyday stresses, resulting in a fresh perspective you can take back to your life. Integrate a rejuvenating massage (or two) and make your vacation experience even more relaxing.

The Ultimate Vacation Experience

Have you ever received a massage that was so good you left the session floating on a cloud? Not only does massage encourage a euphoric and magical experience, it provides the system with much-needed health benefits that can translate into every part of your life. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, scientific data has shown that frequent massage can reduce anxiety, improve circulation, regulate quality of life and even alleviate back pain. Now couple these benefits with enjoying a new and beautiful destination and you have yourself an ideal vacation experience! Forget all of the nerdy, scientific data behind why a massage can be beneficial -- it just feels good!

Expand Your Massage Horizons

Vacation massage experiences are a great opportunity to try new techniques and massage modalities that perhaps you wouldn't explore at home. If you're staying at a spa, they will most certainly have a spa-experience available to you. Destination massage experiences often times combine the popular modalities, techniques, tools and scents of the area. While you may have your 'go to' massage therapist at home, you can utilize these opportunities to explore the massage world. Any kind of bodywork is better than no bodywork (well, almost). and you may just find a new type of massage relaxing and downright enjoyable. It provides the excitement of trying something different in a new place, and you can come back home with new preferences. Talk to your on-location therapist to learn more about their unique offerings.

The Return Home

It's inevitable. The return home will have to happen but you can make that transition back into 'regular' life much easier by pre-booking your massage with your 'go-to' therapist. Don't forget to share your new massage finds and experiences with your practitioner- your therapist may even be able to replicate certain massage techniques and requests! After you've unpacked your clothes and recovered from that unfortunate sunburn, consider booking yourself a massage to extend that peaceful feeling you enjoyed while you were away. Find the inner peace you experienced on vacation and use that energy to launch back into your career, family life, or other responsibilities.

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