We live in a pretty amazing time! Everyone wants to be their own boss. Entrepreneurship is flourishing!

Technology is leaps and bounds from when I first started my massage career (well over a decade ago) making our lives as therapists, easier than ever. Taking payments anywhere is a breeze, website development is cheaper than ever and we even have groupon and class pass to help us boost our business!

With all this said, I am still amazed just how many massage therapists are not taking advantage of these online resources. And yet, it's possible to get found online so much easier which helps you grow your practice a heck of a lot faster!

Have you ever said any of the following statements?

"oh, I'm not good at technology stuff,"

"I don't need to have a website or social media, I'll grow my practice through referrals,"

"I'm not good at the marketing stuff"

If so, you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

For some reason, there is a narrative in our industry that massage therapists + technology do not mix. THIS IS A LIE. I get it- we're in the person to person business not the online world. True. But the world is moving faster than ever before, online. With few exceptions, if you want to be successful, get yourself online. Your ideal client is probably online looking for you. Don't make it hard for them to find you.

Five mistakes costing you more than you think:

  • No head-shot
  • No website (or webpage)
  • No online scheduling
  • No e-newsletter (or email-based way to stay connected)
  • Not keeping a consistent schedule in your private practice

Personally, when I remedied these five mistakes, I found that I not only started attracting my ideal client easier, but more importantly, I really started building trust with them in a new way.


  • People buy from people they trust. And when people SEE you (head-shot), they come to trust you.
  • When you answer your clients' questions before they ask (webpage), they feel confident in their decision to book with you.
  • When clients can book at their convenience (online scheduling), you've made their life easier (and yours).
  • People want to stay connected (e-newsletter) and see what you're up to.
  • Everyone's life is easier if you can say, "I'm in the studio Tues-Thurs & Sat" (keeping a consistent schedule).

These are five easy shifts to make to grow your practice. And I know for a fact, you can do all five for under $100 (assuming you're resourceful like me). Being willing to make shifts is what changes business. Challenge yourself to use the coming weeks to make at least one small shift in your practice.

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