4 Benefits of Office Massage for Employees

If you own a business or work as an office manager, you may be looking for ways to reduce stress in the workplace. Stress at work has always been an issue, but it’s getting worse. According to a survey by Korn Ferry, an organizational consulting firm, employee stress levels have risen 20 percent in the past three decades. Some of this stress can be attributed to the fear of losing a job to technology, and the increased need to learn new skills to stay competitive in certain fields. Stress can have a negative impact on employee's professional and personal lives, so finding ways to mitigate stress should be on any office management to-do list.

The Benefits of On-Site Office Massage

As a business owner or office manager, you know you can't completely eliminate stress from the office - after all, small amounts of stress can often motivate employees to get their work done. However, creating an employee wellness plan can benefit everyone, and make your employees feel supported and appreciated. Happy employees are less likely to leave, so finding ways to increase workplace wellness not only improve morale, but it can lower employee churn, saving you time and money spent training new employees

There are many options for promoting wellness, but few offer the benefits of office massage. Read on to see why to include massage as part of your employee wellness plan:

1. It Releases Tight Muscles

Anyone who works in an office knows that sitting for long periods of time can cause incredible back pain. Chair massage is an excellent way to counter some of the damage. It can release locked muscles and reduce pain, helping the employee focus on doing their best.

2. It Provides a Break for the Eyes

Much like sitting for long periods can harm the body, staring at a computer screen for hours can have a negative effect on the eyes. Allowing your employees to break for a chair massage will give them the opportunity to rest their eyes while they relax. They'll return to their desks refreshed and ready to get the job done right.

3. It Reduces Overall Stress

Massage therapy reduces cortisol, a hormone released by the body during periods of stress. Along with reducing workplace stress, it can also help employees cope with the stress in their personal lives. An employee might attempt to leave their personal troubles at home, but they’re only human. Anyone dealing with a problematic marriage, difficult children, or financial problems is going to struggle to remain focused on work. A good massage won't solve the problems, but it can help the employee get into a positive headspace.

4. It Improves Sleep

Another benefit of reducing stress is improving sleep. A well-rested employee can achieve much more than someone who was up tossing and turning all night. According to data from the American Massage Therapy Association, massage can help individuals of all ages sleep better.

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