Benefits of Massage


Creatives and entrepreneurs are full of passion, inspiration, and spirit, but they can also spend a massive amount of time at their chosen pursuits. The amount of time and effort spent chasing their goals can lead to high levels of stress- stress that can multiply when a writer or painter hits a creative block or, an entrepreneur runs into a rough patch with his or her business.

If you find yourself in this situation, these can be stressful times. Stress can present itself as insomnia, headaches, and other side effects that can affect your hustle. While lifestyle changes such as...

Corporate Wellness Ideas - Massage

In today's modern workplace, employee benefits are almost as important as salary levels. With that in mind, many employers are rethinking their wellness benefits as a part of their company culture. In addition, more and more research is highlighting the impact that health and wellness have in the workplace. By giving your employees opportunities to relax and recharge, it can increase productivity and reduce turnover, all while strengthening your company's moral.

While traditional workplace wellness programs include things like health insurance and gym memberships, workplace massage...


Far too often, athletes with a love of working out, cycling, or running have to take a break when unexpected injuries take them out of the game—sometimes permanently in worst-case scenarios. Professional massage, as simple as it may sound, can prevent serious injuries and keep you in the game for the long haul.

Contrary to what some may think, massage isn’t just for relaxation Olympic athletes. Workout warriors, cyclists, and runners all experience aches, pains, sensations, and stiffness that can be alleviated with massage. Whether you’re just getting into fitness or consider...

pregnancy massage

If you’re expecting, your body is going through a lot of changes. Regardless of what trimester you’re in, you’re probably starting to notice new and different body sensations, aches and even pains.

In addition to physical body stressors, you’re also having to manage the mental stress of adjusting to such a big life change. Pregnancy presents you with a new reality which may require you to make adjustments to your external circumstances and plan for the future in a whole new way.

During this time of transition, prenatal massage can serve as a nourishing activity to aid your...

Empower YourSelf with Massage

Learning to Love Who We Are The statistics are alarming. The majority of U.S. women--some estimate more than 80 percent--are unhappy with their appearance. At least 10 million young women, and 1 million young men have an eating disorder. Girls as young as 6 and 7 are expressing disapproval of their looks, and most fourth-grade girls are already diet veterans. Most unsettling is the fact that more women, and girls, fear becoming fat than they do dying.

Combating the Images How do you see yourself? Are you content with the person looking back at you...

essetial oils

Aromatherapy, a process utilizing the purest essence of a plant, is a 4,000-year-old technique that has enhanced the health of everyone from modern-day pop divas to the scholars of ancient Greece. The art of massage has its own deeply rich roots, with even Plato and Socrates touting the value of hands-on bodywork for good health.

Separately, these two therapeutic traditions hold individual prowess in the realm of personal health and well-being. Together, however, they become a formidable health alliance that can address not only a person's physical health, but the health of the mind...

Massage Wellness Programs

Whether you’re in the work force, chasing grand-babies around, dancing at your daughter's wedding, traveling the world or giving care to a loved one, getting a massage not only feels good but is a great staple-component in your wellness care. When we feel good and have less physical and emotional pain, it’s easier to handle day-to-day living. You may deal with a few more aches and pains than before but massage can be your number one pain-management tool. Sure, sometimes surgery or medication may be necessary, but you're no longer only limited to those...

Why Entrepreneurs need Massage Therapy

What do you think about the concept that “You can’t pour from an empty cup”? Think of your energy level, along with your vitality, health, and wellness, as a glass of water. At the beginning of the week, your glass may be full of fresh, clean water. As the week goes on, you give to the things in your life that are important to you and need your attention; your work, your challenges, your goals, and your people. As the days go by, that glass of water starts to become depleted. At some point, you’re going to end up with nothing left in your glass and then you have nothing...

massage for men

Some guys tend to think that massages are just for women. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. A professional massage can have a positive impact on various aspects of a man's life. Here's why even the toughest of guys can benefit from a massage.

Stress Relief

Whether you're a hardworking businessman or dad, stress can take a serious toll on your overall wellness. Long-term anxiety is especially taxing on the body. Some of the physical symptoms of stress include chest pain, tense muscles, and nausea.

When you're stressed out, it's also...

*COMING SOON* Get Coaching

Fitness and massage have long been natural companions. The practice of integrating the two into your training may allow you to more easily reach your wellness and performance goals. Regular massage sessions won't just help you relax. They can help you feel more physically and psychologically fit.

Anytime you exercise or engage in intense physical activity, you are tightening and tensing your muscles. The purpose, of course, is to build stronger muscles and increase overall muscle mass, but working out damages muscles. It is damaged muscle fibers that make you feel sore or ache after...

bridal massage

A bachelorette or bridal party is a great way to let loose, have fun with your closest friends, and burn off some steam from any wedding-related stress. Wedding planning can be hard, and being able to celebrate with your closest friends can help relax you before your big day. What better way to relax and have fun with your friends than getting a group massage from talented massage therapists? At Vita Wellness, our bridal massage services come to you, so your bridal party can enjoy a relaxing massage before your parties or unwind after a fun night out, wherever you are! Here are three top...

Family Massage

I know, I know - you’ve already got so much to take care of. Between work, family duties, and the unexpected things life throws at us, taking action in caring for your own self is easier said than done. But what if, you allowed someone to h elp you take care of you? Making regular visits to your massage therapist is like hiring an assistant to help you maintain your sanity and physical health, so you can keep on killin’ it in the...


Physician and holistic health pioneer Rachel Naomi Remen once confessed that as a pediatric intern she was an unrepentant baby kisser, often smooching her little patients as she made her rounds at the hospital. She did this when no one was looking because she sensed her colleagues would frown on her behavior, even though she couldn't think of a single reason not to do it.

The lack of basic human contact in our high-tech medical system reflects a larger social ill that has only recently started to get some attention--touch deprivation. The cultural landscape is puzzling. On the one...

best massage austin

Whether it's a pulled muscle from yoga class or an afternoon basketball game, or a long-term pain caused by injury, most of us will come to know the beast that is called back pain. In fact, when it comes to low-back pain specifically, researchers say that 70-85 percent of the population will experience it at some point in their lives.

Causes of Pain Experts say the cause of back pain can be the result of several factors. High on the list is stress. When our body is stressed, we literally begin to pull inward: the shoulders roll forward and move up to the ears, the...

Sports Massage for Athletes

For years, professional athletes and their coaches have relied on the healing power of massage. Many athletes and fitness fanatics are used to being sore after a workout, but many don’t realize that their body’s recovery might be impeding them from reaching their full fitness potential.

Besides feeling good, massage has many physiological benefits that can help everyday athletes and active people make the most of their workouts. Read on to see the specific benefits of massage for your favorite way to move.

Massage for CrossFit

CrossFit workouts encourage...

Deep Pressure Massage

There are many types of massage therapy, and it can be hard to remember what to expect for each. However, deep massage is one variation where it's important to know what it is and how it works because you could wind up in a lot more pain than you anticipated.

What is Deep Massage?

Deep massage, also known as deep pressure massage, uses very firm pressure and slow, smooth strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscle and the pressures surrounding those muscles. In general, those with tension or perpetually tight areas benefit most from this type of...

Workplace Mobile Massage

Any business owner can attest to the fact that happier, healthier employees lead to greater productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Employees tend to take fewer mental health, personal, and sick days when they are experiencing optimal wellness at work. In fact, investing in your employees’ physical and mental health can result in less churn, more productive workers, and an overall more efficient workplace, which can in turn lead to more revenue for your business. Read on to learn more about the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, and see how Vita Wellness can help through our...

Sports Massage for Athletes

Sports Massage a Must for Athletic Performance

"It was my first marathon and I'd been fighting a 20 mile-an-hour headwind for most of the race. When I finished, my upper back and hamstrings were so tight I couldn't stretch them myself," says Colorado athlete Camie Larson. "My husband, Jamie, found me and led me to the massage line. When I got to the massage therapist, she quickly assessed my condition. She worked on my hamstrings, softening and gently stretching them until they were loose enough so I could stretch them myself the rest of the day. She also...

Deep Massage Austin

Many people use the terms “deep tissue” and “deep pressure” interchangeably when they talk about their massage preferences. The two techniques, however, are quite different and have very distinct goals.

Deep tissue massage is also known as clinical massage and has a very specific purpose. It involves using focused pressure to directly manipulate tissue fibers to help muscle or connective tissue that has been injured or otherwise compromised. It is used to break up scar tissue, release adhesions where muscle or tissue layers have stuck together, or separate muscle fibers...

austin massage therapists

We've all heard the statement, "you'll see greater benefits with 'regular massage'" but what does that really mean? Some therapists will tell you to come back weekly, others say bi-weekly, once a month, so what gives? How can you decided what's best for you? The short and simple: Listen to your body. Each of us has our own rhythms so there's no one-way that fits all. If you're very active and/or live a high-paced life, getting a massage monthly can really help keep your stress-levels in check and your body "tuned-up"; if you're an athlete, in any way shape or form, weekly or bi-weekly...

Why Creatives Need Massage

At Vita Wellness, we have a variety of clients in many professions and stages of life. From creative professionals, busy entrepreneurs, to working mom's, our sole intention is to empower you to thrive in your life! Read on to see just some of the benefits of massage if you fall into one of these categories, and schedule your massage with one of our skilled Austin massage therapists online today!

1) Massages Work Wonders On Pain And Flexibility

Whether you're a hard-working entrepreneur sitting at your desk all day, or a mom bending down to pick up toys, most...

grow your massage practice

When we experience something good, it's natural to want to tell everyone about it. Massage is no exception. Here are some ways to share your enthusiasm for massage therapy.

Gifting Massage Gift certificates are a great way to share massages with the people in your life. Looking for the perfect birthday present? Purchase an hour gift certificate for them with your favorite massage therapist. Thanking someone for pet sitting? Reward them with a half-hour reflexology treatment. If it's your spouse or...


As great as it is to take care of those we love, it's important to also look after ourselves. If we don't cultivate self-care in some form or fashion, we are unable to truly be the best person we can be, and as a result, we’ll be unable to take care of our loved ones as well as we otherwise could.

One of Vita’s core principles is collaboration. We love building relationships, being connected to each other & to the place we live~ it’s is an essential aspect of living a vibrant life! Luckily, Austin is home to many businesses and practitioners that can help...

How Massage Promotes Healthy Living

Body Image: The statistics are alarming. The majority of U.S. women--some estimate more than 80 percent--are unhappy with their appearance. At least 10 million young women, and 1 million young men have an eating disorder. Girls as young as 6 and 7 are expressing disapproval of their looks, and most fourth-grade girls are already diet veterans. Most unsettling is the fact that more women, and girls, fear becoming fat than they do dying.

Combating the Images How do you see yourself? Are you content with the person looking back at you from the mirror...