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Vita's sole intention is to empower you to thrive! Advocates for self-care, we believe when you bring awareness to your body- when you feel vibrant and connected- you’re your best you. We know that when you feel better, you're more inspired to help the people around you. That collective energy ripples out in the most meaningful and transformative of ways!

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  • We offer exceptional massage services to the active and vibrant folks of Austin!
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  • Our exceptional massage services are great for professionals, athletes, mothers-to-be, freaks, geeks & creatives!
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The Vita Story

  • We See You. Discovering your destiny, living from the heart and celebrating the wins! Include Vita on your wellness journey.
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  • Courses and coaching for ambitious massage therapists. Get the inspiration & education needed to grow a massage practice that feeds your soul & pocketbook.
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Feel connected

  • ~ to ourselves, to each other, & to the place we live ~
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Everyday wisdom just for you.

Starting a massage practice isn't easy, and there will always be ups and downs to deal with as you grow and run your business. Learning how to gracefully embrace your accomplishments and figuring out how to cope with setbacks is an important part of business ownership. Finding gratitude during the downtimes, and having awareness about your perspective can help you weather any obstacles that come your way.

The key to all this is mindset. If you can maintain a positive mindset during the tough times, you'll be better equipped to get your business back on track no matter the situation. Let's take a look at some small business tips that will help you to maintain a positive mindset while navigating the ups and downs of running a small business.