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Vita Therapists: Our Journey With Massage

Jennifer Carr, LMT

Ten years ago I never would have guessed I'd become a Massage Therapist. I was working as a Paralegal and Executive Assistant for a large company in Los Angeles, doing the corporate cubicle thing, getting burned out and bored. Then, a variety of things happened in my life at that time that caused me a great deal of stress. As I began to heal myself and recover from the situation, I realized that I was not alone- a lot of other people in the...

Massage Therapist

I started massaging around five years old, seriously; chair massage (rubbing my moms shoulders and back), and ashiatsu (walking on my moms back, arms, hands). She was the first person to tell me I should be a massage therapist. Thirty years later, after hearing that from countless people throughout my life, I found myself in a transitional phase. I quit the bar managing job I'd had for seven years and took a few months off....

Austin Massage Therapist

Practicing and receiving massage encourages me to be aware of my body and the connection my mind plays in its wellness. It has shown me how important it is to feel nurtured, and it has helped me immensely in making room for practicing self-love.

Massage has made me aware of the scope of power my body has, how incredible it can be on its own, how my care for it impacts its abilities, and how my neglecting of it just gets in the way of...


“Love yourself/body” is totally a buzz-phrase these days. With the explosion of the health & wellness market, it seems as if everyone is talking about how ‘this or that’ will help us gain/attain self-love even easier. On the one hand, it is thrilling that, at least here in Austin, our community as a whole is deeply devoted to healthy living. On the other hand, however, this mainstream messaging often overlooks what I call, The Struggle....

Sarah - Austin Massage Therapist

I can’t say that massage therapy was something that called to me early in life. As a child I wanted to be everything from a vet, ballerina, soccer player, computer engineer...the list goes on. What eventually came to fruition was Communications, Human Resources and Public Relations - obviously not on the list, but interesting and challenging nonetheless. After a five year career in Corpus Christi I realized that although I had grown a lot...

Lisa - Austin Massage Therapist

When I started my journey with massage it was really about self-care and self-discovery. I had been working as a hair colorist with my own salon for over 20 years and it was a wonderful career. I was able to connect with all kinds of interesting people, be creative, and make people feel great! But after those 20 years, I was feeling stagnant in my career. My son was growing up and I was about to have an empty nest. My parents were aging and...

Ariana - Austin Massage Therapist

At the age of four, I told my Grandmother I wanted to be a massage therapist and my fate was sealed. It was like I made the biggest pinky-promise to myself and as I grew up I was always dreaming of the day I'd be able to pursue my passion.

As a kid, I'd squeeze myself behind family members to push on their shoulders while they sat on the couch. I could always tell when they were feeling tense and I wanted to help. I occasionally...

Autumn austin massage boutique

People ask me how I got into massage and I tell them (at the risk of sounding corny), 'I was called'. See, I don't really remember the 'how' I got there. I just remember that once I got there, I knew I needed to stay. Of course, in hindsight, massage school was really all about my own personal growth. Sure, I had vision, and I was inspired to, one day, have my own private practice. But my biggest lesson from school...

Leslie Austin Massage Therapist

I didn't set out to be a massage therapist; I was a year into my masters to become a teacher. My dad was in a terrible accident and we took care of him full time for about 6-8 months. Soon after, I was pregnant with my first son and I changed my mind about being an elementary school teacher. Deciding to go to massage school came after I questioned the universe of what I should do. It was a calling that seemed almost natural; my parents...

Vita Austin Massage

Man {or woman}! I love me some massage! and I absolutely LOVE being in my body today~feeling all the many feels of emotions and physical responses/reactions that result from living in this world. I'm not saying this is an easy 'job' but, I gotta tell ya, it's worth it and really, I owe this way of being to massage. Bodywork has 'made me this way' ~ Massage is totally my thing. As I'm sure you're well aware, dear reader, there are a...

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