Vita Wellness Massage
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What we believe

A good massage can change the world. Bold? Oh, yes! Just think about it... When you bring new awareness to your body, when you feel vital and connected, peaceful and joyful, you’re your best you~and you’re better for the people around you. That ripples out in the most meaningful and transformative ways.

What we do

We offer our signature massage-based wellness programs to the active and vibrant folks of Austin, including professionals, mamas-to-be, athletes, freaks, geeks and creatives. Our Signature Vita Massage is an unlike-anything-else fusion of Deep Massage and Lomi Lomi – relaxing, grounding, centering. We help you feel better so you can live better!

What we love

People. Being “in person.” Being a part of something. Touch. Community, true community. Feeling connected – to ourselves and to each other and to the place we live.

What we dream

We want to bridge the gap between the mind and body, resulting in an ever more present and connected society.

Where we started

Founder Autumn Elias received her massage license in 2003. She practiced part-time while intermittently traveling the world, salsa-ing, soul-searching, and learning to garden before she finally moved into a full massage practice in 2007. That private practice became this, Vita Wellness Massage. You can read more about Autumn and her business vision right here.

  • Massage Boutique Hours
  • Closed Mondays
  • 10am-8pm |Tues-Sunday
  • 512-203-3656
  • Windsong Business Park
  • 2111 Dickson Dr., Suite # 12
  • Austin, TX 78704