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Kim Love's Food Discovery Process

What Makes This Process Shine?

Kim Love's Food Discovery Process guides you to your own Inner Expertise, to finally discover once and for all, exactly what food is at the root of dis-ease in your life.

Past clients who have personalized their diet using her proven method with coaching, have created elevated energy levels; decreases in bloating and digestive challenges; reduction of chronic pain...


What Makes 'Em Shine: Tribe's mission is to empower families by creating a community rooted in health, wellness, and self-care for mom.

Built on the belief that family wellness starts with mom, Tribe offers services and classes designed for mom to practice whole and healthy living: exercise, healthy food, personal time, community, connection, continual learning, and inspiration.

Tribe aims to make life a little...

Noah's Cold Press Juice

What Makes 'Em Shine:"Drink NOAH'S, Fall In Love" Good Health and Happiness starts with good nutrition, this is why fruits and vegetables squeezed together are the most fun to experience a vibrant Life.

Only 100% Organic Produce is used in Noah's fresh juice blends. This is the only way to bring you the most honest nutrition that your body will love you for. My commitment to Austin is to enhance and introduce the benefits of...

Make ATX

What Makes 'Em Shine: MakeATX is a member-based workshop with a variety of fabrication tools–tools for making things! The workshop currently has a powerful, versatile and user-friendly laser cutter capable of cutting, etching, and engraving a wide variety of materials up to 36″ x 24″, brand new computers with the latest design software, and workspace along with classes designed to help Austinites realize those creative...

community involvement

What Makes 'Em Shine: Lunar Nourishment is a platform for self-care through ritual, community, and living authentically. Through offerings of healing energy sessions (Reiki, breath work, & meditation) and the power of ritual, Lydia and Marlena Jarjoura help women and men connect to the deepest parts of themselves. Through online courses, live workshops and private mentorship, Lunar Nourishment has guided hundreds of women...

BalancedFoodies Logo copy.jpg

What Makes 'Em Shine: Misti Buie is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Balanced Foodies, a service-oriented nutrition consulting business. She revitalizes health and wellness by reshaping eating habits, and educates clients about the benefits of incorporating nutrient-dense, whole foods into their lives. Misti provides individually tailored meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and recipes to accommodate clients’ needs,...


What Makes 'Em Shine: Kanti Goods is a social enterprise that sells socially and environmentally responsible handmade jewelry, handbags, scarves, plush animals, and accessories from around the world. Kanti Goods work with a global network of artists who are doing their part to improve the social fabric of their communities and encourages the use of local materials and fair production methods. Our goal at Kanti is to support...


What Makes 'Em Shine: Two Hives Honey began with a gal who wanted to embark on a beekeeping adventure, but didn’t have the backyard space to house her hive. A good friend and neighbor recognized the benefits the honey bees would bring to his backyard garden and offered a bit of space for a few hives. That chance discovery of a beloved hobby projected Tara Chapman off on the adventure of a lifetime, and what started as a plan...

Laura Jack Vita_Community Connection.jpg

What Makes Laura Jack shine: Laura Jack is a trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute® and Mastery Level Transformational Life Coach. Using practices of self-care and self-love she helps people rediscover their light after loss. Laura’s mission is to cultivate a culture of compassion, starting with self, and to create a better understanding about loss and its accompanying grief.

She loves connecting deeply with people who have...

Vita Massage Preferred Partner

What Makes Bona Dea shine: Bona Dea makes allergen-free products for everyone to enjoy, whether you have food allergies or are looking to diversify the grains you eat. With each mix starting out with a full serving of whole grains as the first ingredient, you can enjoy delightful baked goods while doing something good for yourself. How’s that for satisfying? And we don’t stop there. You’re getting the highest quality...


What Makes Lauren shine: Lauren Hubele is an Austin based practitioner pioneering a unique method of healing in the United States that integrates Gemmotherapy Extracts, Homeopathy, and a Plant Based Diet. Her method was developed over years of study and collaboration with European physicians and researchers who specialize in the use of these therapies.

Lauren teaches the four stages of healing, The Hubele Method to practitioners of all...

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